Brad McCloud
Brad McCloudSenior Project Manager
Brad McCloud is a Senior Project Manager for EIS Solutions in the Grand Junction office. With nearly two decades in marketing and public relations, McCloud has extensive experience with the strategic implementation and creative development of media campaigns in traditional media (newsprint, direct mail, radio and television), internet and social media, as well as non-traditional grassroots efforts (networking, community/stakeholder organizing and coalition development), event planning & grant writing.

Brad has worked with Fortune 500 companies in the energy industry (coal, natural gas and oil shale), water conservancy districts, water storage projects, ranching and nonprofits in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.

In addition, Brad has given testimony at state and US Congressional hearings on energy related issues, served as the keynote speaker for the 53rd Annual National Mountain Plains Management Conference, was a member of the Colorado Energy Advisory Committee for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and previously served as the Executive Director for both the Environmentally Conscious Consumers for Oil Shale (ECCOS) and for the National Oil Shale Association (NOSA).