2017 Gold Pollie Award

Best Use of Social Pressure

“From Your Neighbor”  Amendment 71

The Raise the Bar campaign utilized its network of grassroots supporters in the days leading up to the election for the Amendment 71 ballot initiative to help voters learn more about the constitutional reform effort amid a crowded ballot.  We rallied over 250 volunteers to work their own neighborhoods and spheres of influence with a program called “Win Your Precinct” – leveraging grassroots relationships and local connections to help break through the din of the campaign season.  Each volunteer was given 150-250 envelopes to distribute to their neighbors, which contained local op-eds in support of the measure and additional information for voters curious to learn more. We encouraged everyone to write their name on the envelope to let their neighbors know they had reached out and could answer questions about Amendment 71.

The result was highly-personal outreach, and when paired with a professional canvassing effort, reached over 100,000 voters at their doorsteps in the waning days of the election.  It even sparked a Denver7 news story about the collateral and the volunteers we had distributing them, calling into question one of our volunteers who personally dropped nearly two hundred envelopes in his neighborhood. While opponents had pitched the story to the media to discredit the grassroots effort, it had the unintended consequence of emphasizing the broad-based network of supporters the campaign had amassed.